308 Jet

How much firewall work is actually needed to fit a 308.  Does anyone have any pictures?  Will the stock mounts work or will I have to move them?  Thanks for the help.



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    Buy a wheel barrow like this: http://ace.imageg.net/graphics/product_images/pACE3-2893812enh-z7.jpg . Cut out firewall and floor, trim and weld wheelbarrow pan in. Then shoehorn the 308 in....You're done.

  • Thanks Ken.  I’ve done them that way before just not a Hudson.  I want to keep it Hudson powered but I would like a little more power then a 202.  Not to mention I have a lead on a 308 and it currently has no engine in it at all.
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    It would entail quite a bit of surgery - moving the rear cross member for the engine mount, and  re-shaping the firewall.  Shortening the drive shaft, probably stronger springs, and then there's the clutch throwout, unless you fit an automatic.  Probably need a thicker radiator.  Exhaust outlet could be  a slight problem, depending on how close to the frame it is.   
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    Hudson, check your email
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    When I was checking into this subject, I was told that a firewall out of a wasp was used. I had some pics of engine bays with the 308 installed. I could not tell much about the mods done to the firewall. Pics lost on old computer. Abandoned the idea because of the weight issue. Will be adding approx. one third of the weight of the car.  A 308 with a hydro behind it is a lot of weight.   LHud
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    Here are the pictures I took when the car was located in the Garlits Museum.
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    How fast did that Jet run with the 308 ?

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    That's quite a chunk out of the bulkhead.  Plus an after-market steering box.  Would never work on a r.h.d. Jet.
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    Previously printed in WTN

    The car holds the American Hot Rod Association ¼ mile national records in Formula 9, Super Stock Automatic Extra, and Formula 10, Super Stock Automatic Extra. Best elapsed time is 14.60 second and best speed is 93.97 miles per hour for the standing start ¼ mile. Many thanks to the H-E-T speed advisor Jack Clifford who has provided much valuable technical information and parts needed to set up this car correctly.
  • There was an article in the WTN about 1972 about "factory" Hornet Jets. 
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    I go back a ways but was still in HS in 1972!  This is why IT WOULD BE A GOOD IDEA FOR THE WTN TO HAVE "FROM THE ARCHIVES" section!!!!!
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    What was the weight of the car ?
  • Thanks.  Those are exactly what I was looking for.
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    Hornet powered Jets are nothing new. They have been around from the late '50's and currently there are a few still around primarily as drag cars. I think the Record Holder Jet in Don Gartlis Museum turned around 104 Mph and it was declared Stock 308 Cu In.. (with 7x internals). Some modified the engine bay so well to fool Inspectors believing that Hudson actually made a Jet with the Hornet, which couldnt have been easy.....

     Using todays Technology though with Stroker Crank, Camshaft, Weber Induction, Transbrake, and Turbo Trans it would turn much faster.

    Incidently, for those that don't know, Gartlis Museum Record Holder Jet was sold about 2 Yrs ago to a guy that sold off all the Hornet Drive Train piece by piece on EBay. A real shame.. He called me once telling me that he bought it and was installing a new GM Powerplant to drag race, but Ive never heard of it being finished....

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