1939 Hudson model 92

tomruetomrue Posts: 16
Are the only 3 of these hudsons in existence I can't seem to locate any others anywhere !


  • I have a 92 convertible and I know of another one in Grand Rapids, Mi. 
    You don't see many 39's.
  • tomruetomrue Posts: 16
    Ever seen any parts any where for 92' s
  • ValVal Posts: 686
    I have one and parts a there for them if you look but grill pieces are not existing
  • tomruetomrue Posts: 16
    If you have one and you know of one other and I have one and I know of two others, then there's at least 5, lol.....
  • onerare39onerare39 Posts: 989
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    If you are a member of the Hudson-Essex-Terraplane Club you can go to the home page ( hetclub.org ), click on the Member Button, it will then open up to Vehicle Registries.  You can then search for other 1939 owners.

    John Forkner

  • Uncle JoshUncle Josh Posts: 2,567
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    I saved a 92 from a hotrodder.  Sold it to a club member, with a 46 212 engine, since passed, and it was bought by another member in E.Greenbush, NY.  He drives it as a rat rod regularly. 

    I bought a 97 from the late Art Carkner.  Wouldn't cast a good shadow.  So rusted I couldn't save any of the body.  In fact, trailering it home on I90 in Albany, NY one of the doors came off, and thoughtfully being held on by a rope, was flying over the passing lane.  I saved the 254 and am running it in my 47 pickup.  Tranny, rear end Electric Hand column, etc saved.  Sold the grills on ebay.  I understand some people are laser cutting new ones.

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