Hudson Italia Rug

On the Portland Craigslist  there is for sale under auto parts hudson looks like a promo for the italia pictures arnt that good. I know nothing of it just ran across it . Thanks John


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    Looked at it myself and it'd be interesting to find out the story behind it.  It'd be a great buy for $135.00 especially if it is indeed associated with the '54 Hudson Italia when it was new.
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    my guess is someone lucky and could afford an Italia sometime had that made for showing the car at cars shows or a museum, or their garage...doubt it's more than 15-20years old.

    if it was closer and in good shape it would be cool to have regardless.

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    Here's a guess that somebody can trace down if they want to.
    Ray Pischer ( sic? ) lived in Pennsylvania at one time, he was a carpet representative.
    Did very well in his trade. He had a Railton that I worked on and an Italia , among others.
    It's possible he had that made? 
    I know he moved south, maybe North Carolina?
    Just a guess for discussion. My memory might be " cloudy"

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    1953 was a very long time ago, but it seems to me that when the Italia was initially shown to the dealer body in July of 1953 that Hudson used a carpet very much like the one shown in this ad.  After the initial showing at the dealer reveal in Detroit of all the 1954 models, the Italia went on a trip around the country for a general showing thru the larger Hudson Dealers Showrooms and auto shows.  Some how, the rug may have become separated from the show car during this trip.  It would stand to reason that the Oregon/Washington states would have been the last to have been favored with the Italia road trip displays.
  • Hmmm...  I kinda feel like it's the real deal...
  • Looking at the craigslist picture, I had no idea the lettering was that big.  The third picture looks like it was from a Barrett Jackson auction, so still leaves it open as to when the carpet could've been made.
  • Gordon Apker's Italia at Barrett Jackson, January 2013.

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    The picture above of the left side of the Italia with the door open is what I remember of the original display in July 1953 (this by the way is the original Prototype in this picture) so that must mean the Mr. Ray Pischer was displaying his car at the show in the picture, as the 25 cars built after the prototype would not have had the elaborate stainless trim around the windshield or the rear window as shown in this picture.
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    There it is ~ that's an excellent provenance for where that rug came from!

    I wish I had a reason to make the 400 mile round trip..its just a cool rug regardless if its still in nice shape!

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    Of course the rug would be much nicer with the Italia sitting on it :)

    Notice how nicely it fits between the lettering!
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