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Hemmings just announced that the collection will be sold. sad..


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    That's very sad news. 

    I wonder if the cars would have been donated if the Hostetler's had known this would happen someday?

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    If I was a member of the Hostetler family, I would be getting in touch with a lawyer about getting the cars returned to the family. Some individuals & families have successfully sued museums for the return of donated items.

  • Ken U-TxKen U-Tx Posts: 3,585
    Sometimes the mere threat of a lawsuit is all it takes to get the property returned to the heirs.

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    Also, as we all get older, hopefully, and the donate option is on the table: do some legal paperwork initially to make any return very easy. Good point, Ken.
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    A lot of money on the table so the return will not be easy. Also, if they are returned there will be significant tax implications to the estate/heirs.  Still may be worth it but it won't be free.
  • I suppose this is why a lot of people go the "semi-permanent loan" route w/ museums.  If they're just warehousing/displaying something you already own, there's no issue or tax to get it back!
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    I think one of the main issues regarding the sad, slow demise of the this wonderful Hudson auto museum was the lack of good publicity.  Take the brochure you'd see on a rack for the taking at a restaurant or motel (of which I had several copies).  It didn't stand out.  Just a close-up image of Eldon and Esta Hostetler on the front seat of an early Hudson and at the top it reads, "Hostetler's Hudson Collection," "The most complete collection of Unusual Hudsons in the world." (no mention of the word automobile(s)) anywhere on the front.  Perhaps it would have been better to instead have had at least one photo of a a stepdown.   That could have helped the brochure stand out better.  Also, the signage on the museum building itself didn't stand out either as you drove by.  And lastly, I don't recall seeing any billboards advertising the museum along the nearby Indiana Toll Road or at least U.S. 20 leading into the museum's town of Shipshewana. 

    OK, off my "soap box," Dan   

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    This situation may provide insight into how to improve a future effort to house Hudson History. In our club, over the years, there have been recurring discussions and efforts on such an endeavor. 

    Perhaps a rural community with a horse and buggy image, even with commercial business of flea markets and  very nice restaurants can just not identify with cars.

    I suspect that taxes to support a non self supporting museum, is the reason it is closing. In addition, Hudson's or any cars were not made there nor many cars owned and driven there by local inhabitants or their ancestors.

    Our Historical Society has apparently been successful in disbursing cars around  the country to showcase Hudson cars and history. Advantages may be no need to have a building and people in more areas can at least see some Hudsons.

    The Home Chapter,  a supporter of the Ypsilanti Museum, to the extent that we have donated thousands of dollars in the last few years. Over a year ago we put forth a $1,000. offer to match contributions from Hudson club chapters or members.  At the end of the year we were unaware of any contributions for us to match.  I proposed we advertise it in every issue of the WTN to keep the message out there.  

    It may just be that having Hudson cars sold and disbursed to various areas may be one way that more people will see Hudson's.

    I wonder what the future holds.
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    Maybe the Gilmore museum could pick most of these up, or the family re-donate it to them?   It is in MI so it is closer than Shipshewana

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    I'd love to see these cars at Lemays in Tacoma! Last time I went thru there wasn't a single hudson.
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    Hans  -  I know for a fact that the Norther Ohio-Indiana Chapter donated $ 1000.00 to the Museum two years ago.  I would think more chapters would donate if they were better aware of the Home Chapters offer to match donations.  I think the idea of advertis ingthe "Natch Offer" in the WTN would certainly gain proper attention.
  • So where is the millions of $ going after all these cars are sold?
  • So where is the millions of $ going after all these cars are sold?
    To the 3 politicians who voted to close it, most likely.  Or their pet projects...
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     Pet projects..... Sad
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