'46 Hudson Disc Brakes & Master Cyl conversion Pictures, Etc

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 Posting Pictures of Butch Smith's '46 Hudson when he Installed Disc Brakes and a custom Master Cyl onto a stock Hudson Brake Pedal Assembly.

Appears that Butch's machined Adapter is 3/4" thick with a 'Custom Master Cyl' bolted to it and since thia car has 4 wheel Disc Brakes, Butch installed an 'Adjustable Proporting Valve'.

Additionally, picture of his Engine Bay reveals the rare Bennett & Fellows Aluminum Head and the Supercharger mounted on a custome intake with special machined billet serpetine  Pulleys to spin the Blower.. This whole Project has been very Top shelf & First Class.......

Butch has done a lot of work on this Project himself but has had numerous lengthy delays from outside sources taking much longer than anticipated............ 


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    Looks awesome. Do you know what master cylinder he used? Am just doing the same thing and in the process of fitting a kit from ABS. They do a tandem master with adaptor for $250 but I am looking for a remote fill one like in the pictures, Thanks
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    Butch Smiths '46 Hudson
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    WOW, what a nice coupe.
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    Butch's ELECTRIC Power M/Cyl Brake setup is from ABS Brake. Attached Pic....
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    Thank you Ol racer.  
    Made contact with ABS a few days ago about supplying a remote tandem master cylinder but hard to get a reply from them. Was thinking of using remote mounted PBR brake boosters from PBR in Australia.
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    Just call ABS, I did and they answered all of my questions.  
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