A Blast from the PAST - HELLO!

Hello Everyone!

Looks like there's still a few folks on here from long ago!

I still have my Hudson projects, but  they're just sitting for the last few years - so absolutely nothing new to report on those :( 

I'm hoping things change up this year as I'm getting ready to launch a new website project and will have my nights and weekends back after almost 2 years of working my programming day job..then programming 2-6 hrs a night plus 15-20 hrs every weekend...it's been a long haul, but hopefully will set me up for some success later this year.

Just thought I'd say Hello and don't be surprised if I start lurking out here again and get caught up on everyone's projects.




  • GlowplugGlowplug Posts: 1,593
    Missed you Dan,  Your drive to acvomplish things well,  along with a practical side have been missed by me.  Hope your daily activities have set you on the road to personal success and happiness. Look forward to you sharing new adventures in Hudsoning soon!  Ken in Waco TX
  • onerare39onerare39 Posts: 986
    Welcome back Dan, you were missed!

    John Forkner
  • VicTor ZVicTor Z Posts: 583
    YES! Welcome Back! How's Rambo? I remember the pictures of your garage and your Hudson.
  • rambos_riderambos_ride Posts: 3,186
    VicTor Z said:
    YES! Welcome Back! How's Rambo? I remember the pictures of your garage and your Hudson.
    Hi Victor!

    Sadly Rambo passed along in March 2014. 

    He was an awesome companion for 14 years and not a single day goes by I don't miss him.

    I got another lab, Maddy on Craigslist just a year before Rambo passed. She's an awesome fun dog..but no Rambo, he was pretty special.

  • SuperDaveSuperDave Posts: 3,349
    Glad to see you back. Get busy on the Hudson!
  • Ducor KidDucor Kid Posts: 214
    It's good to see you back!
    Hey I've retired over 4 1/2 years and still not done.
    Your presence on here has been missed.
  • Jon BJon B Posts: 6,768
    Welcome back, Dan!
  • whats your ride?
  • rambos_riderambos_ride Posts: 3,186
    Thanks Everyone - Good to see some old faces and new ones!
  • rambos_riderambos_ride Posts: 3,186
    whats your ride?
    Hello KustomKreeps!

    I've got a 49 Hudson Commodore Custom project, 454/TH400 that's got 99% of the fab work done, total bare bones sheet metal now, just missing the $$ for parts to put it back together.

    I took a lot of time designing fabrication to keep the original Hudson front sub-frame and suspension.

    Someday this is what I hope the Rambos Ride project becomes...

    I also have a 51 Hornet Rat Rod Project that's midstream on a modern fuel tank replacement, and brake upgrade.

  • right on. Nice combo. 
    I hear ya about the cash thing. can be bleeping expensive.
    Im also doing an engine swap in a four door 49. going 401 Nailhead with a 700R4 trans.
  • Dan:  as a Lab owner I’m  sure you will enjoy this:  https://m.imgur.com/gallery/BpIDwOX
  • rambos_riderambos_ride Posts: 3,186
    Dan:  as a Lab owner I’m  sure you will enjoy this:  https://m.imgur.com/gallery/BpIDwOX
    LOL - I've never seen a hairy seal before!

    Rambo loved the snow..he'd run as fast as he could and lick the snow at the same time.

    Maddy finally got into playing in the snow at Christmas, I think she was channeling a little of the Rambo dog!
  • Glad to see you back Dan! 
  • WahHoo! Great to have you back posting. I missed you and your adventures with the car and Rambo.
  • RL ChiltonRL Chilton Posts: 5,094
    Howdy , Dan!  Welcome back and glad you still have your Hudsons.  We look forward to your future posts.  You've been missed!
  • faustmbfaustmb Posts: 1,303
    Great to see you back,  I was just getting on here where you are in the thick of things, 2005 ish maybe?  Cool.  
  • rambos_riderambos_ride Posts: 3,186
    Thanks again everyone!

    You guys are getting me motivated again - hopefully this year I can turn things around. I'd like to get my Hornet rat-rod rolling for the Summer at least.

  • bent metalbent metal Posts: 1,449

    Good to see you back Rambos Ride! 

  • rambos_riderambos_ride Posts: 3,186
    Hey Bent Metal!

    Good to see you're still around! What kinds of cool stuff have you been working on these days? Ever start up a website to show off your skills..or too busy making metal?

  • bent metalbent metal Posts: 1,449
    Hey Bent Metal!

    Good to see you're still around! What kinds of cool stuff have you been working on these days? Ever start up a website to show off your skills..or too busy making metal?


    My wife was nice enough to make me a web page.  Just one page.  :D  Yeah, pretty busy.  I mostly work on early thirties Fords.  Traditional hot rod stuff.  However I have a couple of Hudsons in the shop too.  I could post a picture or two, if you wanna' see? 
  • bent metalbent metal Posts: 1,449
    1935 Railton
  • bent metalbent metal Posts: 1,449

    cowl pieces under the hood

  • bent metalbent metal Posts: 1,449
    32 ford roadster cowl middle picture is how it came in.  Went out with a duval windshield and dual vents.
  • rambos_riderambos_ride Posts: 3,186
    Beautiful work as always!

    Are the dual cowl vents custom or were they there stock?
  • bent metalbent metal Posts: 1,449
    The windshield was custom and vents were made by someone else.  I think the vents came from that famous coach builder in San Fransico, his name escapes me now.  But they were a in kit form.  I had to make a new sheet metal top so the windshield would fit down tight, and then made the vents fit the contours of the new top. 
  • bent metalbent metal Posts: 1,449
    Here is a little more of the vent kit.   Anyhow, enough about me.  I don't want to high jack your thread.  Let's see some pictures of your projects.
  • rambos_riderambos_ride Posts: 3,186
    I SWEAR I could give you a frame and you could build me any kind of car I wanted!

    Awesome work! 

    I got nuthin' recent to show :(

    I've literally spent the last 2 years writing a new website platform in my spare time.

    I'm talkin' working the programming day job for 8-10 hrs..then another 2-6 hrs every night, weekends, holidays and vacations.

    Originally thought it would take about 12 months..but people that were supposed to become involved never did..so I've had to do the entire thing myself.

    I think about another 6-8 weeks at this pace and I'll be close to launching it.

    It's not a porno-site or anything - and I can't say what it is right now - some people won't like it - but it's a business model that should be able to grow in the coming years and make me money while I sleep! Because Lord knows I haven't made any real money in about oh...12 years or so.

    Anyway - I plan on backing off the extra hours once its launched and get back out in the shop to get the 51 Hornet out of the way.

    Then if all goes well, sometime in the next 12-18 months I may ACTUALLY finally have enough money to finish the 49...which sadly I bought in 2004 and is sitting outside stripped and rusting right now.

  • bent metalbent metal Posts: 1,449
    I look forward to seeing what you have spent so much time on.  :)
  • mrsbojiggermrsbojigger Posts: 637
    Hang in there Dan! Wishing you all the success in the world!
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