Hudson Stepdown Models

I've been looking around and I can't seem to find anywhere that spells out the different models of Hudson's step down models. There's the Commodore, the Wasp, the Hornet, and also the Jet. I'm juuust beginning to get interested, so, I see ads for a Commodore, or a Wasp Super, or a Hornet Brougham, etc. I know that the Wasp is a smaller car than the Commodore, but does it use the same engine? I really would love a Wikipedia entry about this. A breakdown of Hudson's late 40s-'54 model breakdown.

Or, id someone has already done this, if you could simply send me to that website, that would be even better.


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    Here's a site that has factory brochure's for all the stepdown model's with picture's, takes a little study but worth the effort.  There are some folk's on here that know all about stepdowns like a encyclopedia.                                                 
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    My website has an area on the top right side of the front page that describe the models
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    My website has an area on the top right side of the front page that describe the models

    And this website is even better, more Hudson specific.
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    See Don Butler's book "History of Hudson"
  • Don't forget the Pacemaker and Italia.  I'm also not sure when they stopped the "Super Six" nomenclature. 
  • 1951 was the last year of the Super Six
  • Lot of info in the WTN.
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    There is, in fact, a Wikipedia entry for "Hudson".  I have a "History of Hudson" on the web at which gives you an overview of Hudson from beginning to end, but it doesn't go into the various StepDown models and series.
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    I've been kicking around the idea of a 'spotter's guide' for a while and finally got a start on it over my Christmas vacation.  It's not complete yet but I think what I do have is right.

    What do you think?  Ideas for additions or improvements?  Anything I have wrong?
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    I've been in the club for 19 years and have never been able to tell the detailed differences to determine the correct year.  Great job, keep going.

    John Forkner
  • Chris, 

    Double check your serial columns.  You have a '54 Hornet as 7C - they should be 7D.  I think there may be others that are off, too.

    That's a cool idea, for sure!  I don't know much about stepdowns, other than the Hornets.  54s are easy, because they are a totally different shape in front and back, with the 1-piece windshield.  I can tell a '53 from the large, non-functional hood scoop.  I still haven't looked closely enough to tell the difference between a 51 and a 52... And as far as a 48-51 Commodore/Super 6/Pacemaker, well, that's all Greek to me!
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    Looks good.  You asked, so I found the following:

    1.  Cells C-77 thru C80 should be "5B"
    2.  Cells C-116 thru C-119 should be "7D"
    3.  One of the quick ways of spotting a '50 to earlier years is the 1 less bar in the grill, (along with the progressively longer bars as they go down).  Therefore, you might want to state something like "3 Horizontal Bars" under the 1950 Grill Bars Column and "4 Horizontal Bars" under the Earlier years ('48 & '49), which is a quick spotting feature. 
    4.  It's up to you and I would have to look it up again, but Hudson (and other Mfg's.) often replaced the term "Brougham" with "2-Dr. Sedan", depending on the year of the whim of the advertising dept.  Also, "Convertible" was sometimes replaced with "Brougham" whenever it was time to tout more Luxury-minded prospects.  Might consider getting the proper terms in the right places.  History of Hudson by Butler covers this aspect pretty well.  Granted, this last item is a pretty trivial detail and only the total purist might have a care.  

    Lastly, Spotter's Guides are great for those who like doing the spotting, but spotting occurs not just from the front, but differences in the sides and rears are equally important.  If you want it to be more "complete", consider adding these features. 

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    Stephen - good catch - copy and paste is useful, but sometimes it can get you in trouble.  I'll have to add the one piece vs. two piece windshield and the hood scoop as columns.

    Russell - again, good catch on the errors.  I never noticed the bar difference between 48/49 and 50 - I guess I just saw the inverted V and didn't look any closer.  I'll work on my descriptions.  On the body styles, you're probably right and it's easy enough to change them. As to the rear and sides, I haven't worked my way around there yet.  I'm thinking window size/shape, tail light location, tail light shape and maybe trunk release for the rear.  I'm open to suggestions for the sides - probably the thing I have spent the least time looking at.

    Thanks for the feedback and keep it coming.  Errors, ideas for columns and improved descriptions are all welcome.  I want this to be right.

    If this seems useful enough, maybe someone can tackle interior differences. 
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    Your might want to add to the '49 List a Super 8 Brougham. They only did the Super 8 Brougham in '49. It's got to be a very rare car.  I've only seen one on ebay and it was a mess.
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    Just in case its unclear to any newbees, the model number tes you body design as well as year.  A-D is 51-54.  '7' refers to Hornet, the flagship, if you will.  So, 7C refers to 53 Hornet, for example.   
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