A few more things for sale.

I have 2 boxes of 10, NOS, Champion H-11 Spark Plugs still in the original boxes. These are the cadmium  plugs post 1956. They can be easily stained black for AACA judging by a light brushing and staining with gun blue. I want $20 per box (10 in each box) plus shipping. Also for sale is a brand new Trico lid for the windshield washer bottle. the lid is coated silver. I want $30 for it plus shipping. Most of these lids are rusty and the paper seal is deteriorated. If interested Email me at rsotardi@yahoo.com. 


  • RonSRonS Posts: 790
     I still have one box of 10, Champion H-11s left.  Cost is $20 plus shipping.
  • RonSRonS Posts: 790
    They are all sold. Thanks.
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