Oil Drain plug size?

Does anyone know the size of the oil drain plug for a '54 308?  I don't know if mine is original or not, but it's a square end, not a hex.  Does anyone know the size/thread?  


  • GrimGreaserGrimGreaser Posts: 760
    edited January 2018
    It's a NPT. 1/2 I believe. At least the couple of pans I've dealt with are.
  • iceblade10iceblade10 Posts: 448
    edited January 2018
    Thank you!  That seems like it should be correct.  I am thinking about getting a Fumoto valve for the Hornet.  I always change my own oil.  I put one on my daily driver, and it makes everything a lot easier.  You can drain right into a jug without getting your hands dirty.  If the Hornet is 1/2 NPT, this is probably the valve I'd need:

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