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I have read previous discussions about installing seat belts in a Stepdown.  I want to install seat belts on the rear seat so I can ride my grandkids around in my 49 Super Six coupe, which will require three sets.  My question is for those guys that have already installed belts in the back seat, did you use retractable two-point belts or just plain adjustable belts.  Like Richard D., I don't see the point in installing 3-point belts in the rear.  I eventually want to install three point belts in the front, but that's for later.  


  • Jason, my dad and I installed rear lap belts from Juliano's this summer.  My main reason for this was because I wanted to put in car seats, which negates the need for a 3-point harness anyway, as the car seat has it's own mini 5-pt harness.

    I needed to drill 4 holes for the mounting bolts, for the 3 sets.  The 2 middle bolts are doubled up for the middle belt, and the one end of either side belt, if that makes sense.
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    Stephen, I’m pretty sure I understand what you did.  In that case I would need 3 sets of belts and two sets of anchors, correct?  Anything else that you would recommend before I place an order?
  • Correct.  I don't think so.  Just think about the length of the belts you're getting, and if that's the right size for your needs.  Large adults will need longer belts, obviously.  I believe I got the smaller 60in length, which would probably fit an average adult OK.  If you plan on driving around some NFL Nose Tackles, you may want the longer length.  You could use a rope to mock things up before you order, maybe.  Also, the way I placed my bolts was in such a way that the mounting points for the center belt are much closer together than the 2 side belts, which affects the available slack...
  • Here's the end result:
  • Yep, just what mine look like.  My seats are red and belts black.  The back seat will never be used...etto the belts-but they are there.

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    I’ve pretty much decided the route to take on the rear seat belts.  I’m debating whether to install retractable lap belts in the front.  Three point belts are out since this a coupe.  Any feedback on the pros and cons when installing retractable seat belts in a Stepdown coupe,  
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    Thought you guys might like to see what a set of retractable front lap belts look like.  Don't know why it turned out sideways....image
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