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Hi Folks:

Am trying to get some information on the underseat heater option that came from factory on my 53 Hornet.  This Hornet doesn't have the heater control valve in the firewall; but has the box-like assembly under the dash just like my other stepdown. Question did the factory produce them that way without a front heater feature or heater control valve or could both features of front heater and underseat heater be ordered, or did someone remove or tamper with the heater control valve somewhere down the line?  There is a plate covering the area where the heater control valve would normally be located. Any information would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.


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    Underseat heater? Sounds like some kind of bun warmer......Seriously I can't say for sure how your car left the factory. The plate would be to seal off the two 5/8" holes in the firewall for the Ranco valve.  My Tatra 603 has an underseat heater from the factory, but it's gasoline fired, and looks like a cross between an Electrolux vacuum and a gas turbine, with lots of relays, thermostats, it's own little fuel pump, a glow plug, etc......I haven't played with it because it is possible for it to have a not so insignificant explosion if you dont't do things quite right, from what I could read in the Czech language owners manual.....A well done rump roast is a step beyond warming buns.....
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    My 78 Volvo wagon has an electric element but it's gets no use in temperate New Zealand!!
    Dave Y
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    Bob, The under seat heater was an option Hudson had which routed hot radiator fluid from the engine bay to the under seat heater via long rubber hoses. If your car does not have a Ranco valve for the passenger compartment heater then perhaps your car did not come with a heater(?).  If your car came with a heater it would have had a heater control valve with it.  
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    As I recall, the underseat heater was a dealer installed item.  Factory required dealer to stock at least one - we had one in stock for so long the cardboard box deteriorated.  I don't believe anyone ever tried to sell the item because the Weather Master Heater was so efficient.
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    Here's what they looked like on 48-49 cadillac.  Heater hose routed under floor to heater under the seat.  Low profile, with fan.  I was unaware that Hudson offered that option, and doubt that many (if any) were really installed.  

    Image result for 1948 cadillac underseat heater
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    Here's a link to a previous discussion about stepdown under seat heaters, December 2008.  I have a NOS one out in the garage but can't get to it at the moment.


    John Forkner
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    Onerare39:  When you get to the NOS one, if it is for the stepdowns, perhaps you could email me as I am not sure I have all the components for the one in my car. Would like to put it back to original.  Thanks. popgun7@comcast.net or 717-360-4910.
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    Finally got around to removing the front seat from my Hornet and get a full view of the underseat heater.  See pic attached. Problem is I don't see a control switch anywhere to control the unit like the one pictured in the post in the link shared by onerare39 above.  If anyone has a complete unit with the correct Hudson part # as depicted in the link, I would be interested in it?  Thanks and happy holidays.

    Hornet Underseat Heater.jpeg
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    Bob, some of the installations use a dual switch which control the water valve and the electrical motor control is hooked to both blower installations. Perhaps yours was installed as described. 
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    Here are some photos of my underseat heater kit.  I will send them to you via email also.

    John Forkner

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