what to do about windsheild wipers in 40 hudson coupe ?

hudrodguyhudrodguy Posts: 9Member
hello fellow hudsonists,

i am at the point of needing better wipers for the "hudrod" ... when i found the car, there was nothing so i cobbled something together with what i could find ... the system currently consists of the original stancions, replacement chain and levers, blades, a crossover lever to tie both together, and a junkyard 12volt electric wiper motor with 2 speeds ... it worked ok for a while but it was a shortlived happiness

the issues with the current system are: the chains constantly break due to the force of the wind/rain , the wiper blades go flying off because they are the friction fit style ,  the driveshafts for the wipers fall out of the drive lever ... Arrrgggh !

is there a better system that will work ?    i would like electric motors instead of original vacuum style ...

please,  let me know what you guys do 




  • Jon BJon B Posts: 6,890Administrator
    Sorry to hear of your misfortune!

    Would you be able to post a photo of the chrome stanchions at least, so we'd know if they were the original type?

    I have a 1937 but it has had 1940 stanchions for 30 or more years (they're virtually identical with the originals) and I have never ever had problems like you describe.  This leads me to believe that some previous owner cobbled together a system that didn't prove to be very reliable.

    Here's the real deal.  does it look like yours?  The arm has a hole in it; it fits over that threaded shaft, and a chrome nut tightens over it. No friction fit here!

    (The neat thing about the '39 and '40 (and maybe later) is that there is a little screw plug in the side where a washer nozzle can be screwed in.  You can see the brass tube where the hose to the washer bottle is attached.  So you can have your vintage "look" but be up to date with a windshield washer.

    If you don't want to adapt a modern 12-volt motor to this, you have two choices: 1) find an old Trico Electro-Vac vacuum pump, which will keep the wipers going, up hill or down, or 2) look for some sort of universal street rod wiper kit that has its own linkage and stanchions.  There must be one or more such kits being made out there for the thousands of street rods that need them!

  • 40indianssgmailcom40indianssgmailcom Posts: 78Senior Contributor
    This looks very similar to my 47 pu wiper stands.  Not to hijack but what is best method to remove shaft from stand for replating/rechrome?  Is it pressed in/out after nut & chain drive removed?  Thank you
  • Nerve_CenterNerve_Center Posts: 83Member
    Its pressed into the pot metal sprocket with a tapered spline fitting. I used an old nut and washer. The washer protects the housing. Use something like c-clip pliers to remove the shaft. When plating - be careful that the plating doesn't close up the housing too much.
  • KustomKreepsKustomKreeps Posts: 315Member
    Im useing Specialty Power Windows universal intermittent electric wiper kit.

    I picked mine up from Zigs Hotrods who had them at the time on a %30 off special with free shipping.

    Have used them on other old cars that had vacuum wipers. easy to install and strong. 
    Looks like it will fit in my 49 Hudson easy. If you need pics of the kit let me know.

    I have read that mid 50s chevs wiper system can be swapped over pretty easy. They had an electric motor but attached to a similar wire driven wiper setup as the hudsons have.

  • Trevor JTrevor J Posts: 338Expert Adviser
    I have a 37 Coupe with the original wipers and have never had a problem with them however I am going to same system as mentioned above brought from specialty power windows in my 35 Hudson coupe.  They will fit almost any vehicle they have a good name and appear well made 
  • hudrodguyhudrodguy Posts: 9Member
    the wiper stancion that you have posted is not what i have ... mine does not have the provision for the washerhose and has a slightly different stancion style, probly from a different year ... so i guess the search is on for the proper stancions and arms to make this happen ... it appears that the cost of original standoffs and an upgraded electric motor will be substantial ... i will be looking at a complete new system, specialty power and autoloc are in the running ... both will offer quality and dependability with minimal installation issues (and time delay wiper switches)
    thanks for all your suggestions
  • hudrodguyhudrodguy Posts: 9Member
    so after careful consideration, i was able to purchase an aftermarket electric wiper system with delay for $280 ... after receiving the parts, it was determined that the shafts would have to be installed through the windsheild defroster manifolds to maintain proper angle alignment with the glass ... i also had to lengthen the wiper drive shafts and bushings due to the increased length needed to pass through the manifold ... i have had it running for over 2 hours and it performed flawlessly

    cross off another task from "the list"
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