Pacemaker 1950 any bolt-on "custom" wheels?

Hello Sirs&Ladies!

Hudson 1950 Pacemaker Brougham in Finland. 
What kind of aftermarket wheels are you using in your Hudsons?
Is there any totally chromed..a little bit "custom" models in markets.
I am having stock wheels,WWWT..working OK.Wheel widht 5",bolt pattern 5x4,5, back space about 3,5"
Just like to know..any information?



  • PerPer Posts: 162
    I've put Ford wheels on Hudsons.  The bolt pattern is the same, but one has to make a hole for the pin that sticks out of the brake drum (or break off the pin) to goo through.
  • 50C8DAN50C8DAN Posts: 1,735
    I believe Chrysler wheels also fit.  Same deal with the pin.
  • Don't forget AMC.  Although many were 14" there were 15" on the 80's Eagles. Same deal with mounting pin. 
  • 50C8DAN50C8DAN Posts: 1,735
    Here are a bunch to choose from.  Plenty of others out there.

  • Thank you Sirs!

    Thanks for reason I asked was because of this "back-space"..or is it called off-set nowadays?..anyway I think you must be quite carefull before you order any wheels..there is not too much space for rear wheels.

  • Wheel Vintiques - Custom, and a lot to choose from.   You will need to know the pattern, spacing & backspacing you need.  $$$

  • decafedecafe Posts: 27
    we put steel  basset race wheels  with ford bolt pattern  offset was the hardest 
  • ratlee2ratlee2 Posts: 216
    You can run wheels with dual bolt patterns (5×4 1/2 and 5×4 3/4) pattern and the locating pin will fit within one of the 5 3/4 pattern holes so you won't  need to cut off locating pin.  I run chrome reverse with baby moon caps and the lugs are covered by the center hub cap.
  • Chrysler product wheels (Plymouth,dodge,DeSoto) from the 50’s bolt right on and have the locating hole for the stud. Big Chrysler’s have a larger bolt pattern.
  • most "customs" use wheel covers. So just get some 5 x 4.5 ford steelies and some wheel covers/hubcaps. Cadillac sombreros are i guess the most traditional but Lancer and Buick are also used.

    Im using 58 Caddy wheel covers from . I also have Lancer flippers and pointed dagmars(from summit). Will use one of these for the center hub section.

    If you want to go with the common train of thought then...
    Artillerys or Hubcaps look good one pre war and trucks.
    Wheel covers for late forties to late fifties/early sixties. 
    Mags early sixties up.

    Just go to a wheel shop and get some custom steelies made up. here in NZ they are under $100 per. I would need to check but I think 49 Hudson was like a 6inch x 15inch rim with  4.5" to the centers. When I got my diff made I got it a bit shorter than stock to help get the tires in/out. When I looked at it i figure a 6, 7 or 8 inch rim would fit in now at the back. using a 1 inch off set so 3.5" to centers. 

    If you have lowered your car also watch the top of the wheel wells at the back. they get rather narrow quickly up the top. Have read a 235 will fit at the back on a standard setup.
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