Vintage Full Flow kits

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Does anyone know if Frank's family or whomever is still offering the oil filter kits?  I tried to send a request through the website, which still appears to be working, and it does not seem to do anything.


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    I would contact the HET chapter where Frank was a member to find your answer.

  • Better yet, call Frank's wife Patty Hughes and talk to her directly to avoid any false information and rumor (page 144 in the new roster).  She won't mind the call.

    John Forkner  

  • 50C8DAN50C8DAN Posts: 1,735
    I talked to Patty Hughes about the oil filter kits that Frank used to make.  Apparently when he passed he did not have any made up and accordingly she does not have any to sell.  She is looking for someone to help make them and as soon as she does there will be a note in the WTN.
  • Contact Walt.
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    The oil filter setup that Walt sells is not actually a full flow design like the setup Frank engineered. It is a remote filter base that uses a spin on full flow type filter. Frank's design is an actual full flow system. Not arguing the merits of either.
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    For those that want to understand how Frank's design works his website is still up:

    This is by far the most advanced filtering system for the later Hudson 6s.  For the earlier engine and the H8s other options would be needed as these would be splasher type oiling and could not use Frank's approach.
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    As far as I can tell from the gallery pics, the filter attaches to the passenger side of the engine where the mechanical fuel pump normally rests.  In that case, you would have to use an electric fuel pump in order to install one these, correct?  
  • That' just a convienent place to mount it. It can be mounted anywhere if you're willing to run the proper lines.
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    I have installed the VFF on a 308 with headers and the stock double action fuel pump in place. The filter base is bolted to the lower rear right side of the block at the oil pan flange bolts. Two "J" shaped 1/2" Cunifer pipes with double flared ends run the oil from the pump head  casting to the remote filter, and from the filter back to the block. It was a bit of work.
  • 50C8DAN50C8DAN Posts: 1,735
    Frank's website is still up! Anyone have any updates on the kit. As noted the last I talked to Patty Hughes she was looking for someone to take on the project and produce the kits as Frank had wanted.
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