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We've all seen pictures and heard stories of the Ike Smith 308 Jets. However, many years ago, I was told that the way that Ike Smith snookered the NHRA and the AHRA into passing them as legal for stock class racing was that he had a copy of an instruction document that was published by the Hudson Engineering Department on genuine Hudson Engr. letterhead, intended for dealer use, that had full instructions on how to modify the Jet body and chassis for the 308 . Does anyone have a copy of this paper or have any idea where to search for it? Is there an archive of Hudson Engineering files somewhere that could be researched? I'd love to see about  how this was done and how to pass it by the NHRA stock specs. Maybe for a Nostalgia Super Stock match racer? Any leads, advice or suggestions greatly appreciated. Thanks.


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    I was the HET club librarian in the '70s , never saw that in the files , but may have been added later. Check the library.
    I recall the Wasp fire wall was adapted for the extra length.
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    I'd be interested as well Tom if you have any luck in your search.
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    Ike Smih's Daughter Lee Ann is on this Forum occassionally. Currently she is installing one of Ike's 7x motors into a Car.  Yes, Ike fooled the National Hot Rod Assc awhile until the large Dealer backed new Ford's complained constantly about a 10 yr obsolete 6 cyl car whipping their brand New Cars. Ike sent me a copy of the old Speed Sport (National Dragster I think) Paper's Article from a National Event showing the Jet. LeeAnn may have what your searching for and can be found by typing Ikesdaughter in the search bar above..
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