Defroster ducting for my 39

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I am looking for some ducting for the defroster in my 39. It comes off the heater up to a pipe behind the radio. Checked Auto zone but they have nothing I could use. Any ideas?


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    Doug has it.  Go to his website, click on the COWL button, it's the last item.  You should know by now... call the Dr. first.

    John Forkner

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    If the inside diameter is one and a half inchens inside diameter, try some 40's or 50's chevy. That fit my '49 Hudson. Napa  no longer carried it. N=no A=auto=P=parts=A=available. Or it may be their underpaid clerks who never learned to use a parts book.
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    Oh silly me, Yeah I didn't see that on the good doctors site
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    While I definitely support Dr Doug, the defroster hose is a Gates part and still quite available thru rock auto or half the price. I will get you the part number tomorrow if you'd like...
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    Please do Thank you
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    I'd like the number also.  I tried to find heater duct hose for a 1949 Hudson on RockAuto's website and had no luck.  
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