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I am from Hamburg/Germany. I have some nice Hudson books which I do not need because I am an Alfa Romeo & Lotus guy. As the cars are not common in Germany or Europe, I'm trying to offer them in your forum. So if anybody is interested to buy them, make an offer. Please contact me via mail(at)

Kind regards


hudson 01.jpg
640 x 480 - 101K
hudson 02.jpg
480 x 640 - 120K
hudson 03.jpg
640 x 480 - 94K
hudson 04.jpg
640 x 480 - 119K
hudson 05.jpg
480 x 640 - 121K


  • PaulButlerPaulButler Administrator
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    Hi Lutz,

    You'd be surprised at how many Hudsons there are in Europe :smile:

    Hopefully someone will be interested in these. Are you looking for an offer to cover them all or would you take individual offers?

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    How much are you asking for these?
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