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Hi folks - I've been quiet for ages (as usual) - not because of any wish to be antisocial, but because of work, stresses and strains! I am feeling particularly sad this week because it's the first time for 26 years that I haven't been to Hershey, but this year I have decided to give it a miss, albeit with a heavy heart, because I rely on selling parts back here to pay for my trips, and eBay's Cassini search engine now means that eBay is so f***ed up that all my stuff is on page 936 and the rest of eBay is full of repro Chinese junk. So they've won. But I'll be back...

Anyway, I wanted to ask a question. For those of you who remember me, I am an English guy living in France, and I have the lovely AACA Senior and HPOF 37 Terraplane that used to belong to Duke Marley. The car has a perfect original interior and around 50% original exterior paint (the roof and fenders have been painted a long time ago, but that's all).

When I got the car it had fender skirts, but the paint on the rear fenders, which had been done before, wasn't great (the roof isn't either but I haven't got time to do that. All the original paint, however, is fantastic). So a few years back I removed the fenders and skirts and painted them (I ran a bodyshop so I am not scared of paintwork). However, I decided to let the paint dry for a while before I refitted the skirts, to stop them marking where they touch the fender... and then the weeks turned into months into years, and 5 years on I still haven't fitted them (and in the meantime I've moved from England to France!).

I would really like to fit them, as I feel they improve the look of the car a lot. However, now I can't find the fittings, or even remember what they are! There is a lever at the bottom that swings in and makes a catch engage at the top, but with just that they slide downwards, and there is obviously supposed to be something at the bottom front and/or back. Duke gave me an Allen key in a bag for undoing the fixings, and I have still got that, so I guess they are some kind of fittings with Allen screws(!). But what? I have attached a pic of the skirt in place, but as it is here it will fall off if I move the car (which is why there's a blanket under it!).

Any help gladly received and appreciated...

Thanks (and hello again!)


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