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I just want to give a public "Thank You" to the good Doctor and the gang at Wildrick's. They have been such a big help to me after I brought my car home and they stand by their work 100% I recommend all to take their vehicle to them for any sort of maintenance. You will not be disappointed.  


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    I agree.   Doug, and others within the Hudson community, provide a sterling service to club members with their abilities and knowledge, plus supplying much needed parts when necessary..
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    I've had a number of great experiences with Doug and his team over the years. Most recently a build on a 254. Machine work on the block was originally done 6-7 years ago and was done very poorly. I've known one doesn't rebuild a splasher engine without redoing rod and main bearings. Argued with shop owner for over 5 years on this issue. I had to park my car 3 years ago cause I thought crankshaft was gonna sling itself out of the block. Doug encouraged me to bring to him and go through it. He had rod and main bearings done properly, found the deck surface had been milled .004 off one end to the other, a guide was loose, replaced rings and much more. Doug does a more than thorough job of putting an engine together. He's a perfectionist and it shows in his work. That means he has a team of craftsmen that produce highest level of  quality work. He patiently walked me through a few ignition  issues I encountered. When I let him know I had and have success with his work, I think he was almost as excited as I was. Then last Friday night I got a phone call from Denny Chilton, da shop boss, to ask about engine and how it's going with it. He took the time to  give me some things to do as I progress into very early stages of the new build and asked to keep him posted  about such things as first oil change and other things to keep an eye with a new build. I'd venture to say there isn't a restoration shop in the country that cares as much bout people and their cars.

      This is my public thank you to Doug, Terri, Denny and the rest of the team at "Wildrick Restorations".


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    I could not agree with you more. Denny has been awesome and he did a fantastic job on my interior. Doug, Terri, Denny, Kyle, Cole and Gene and the rest of the gang are awesome. They will forever have my business as Doug also has been so kind to patiently walked me through an over drive issue I am having. They are a great bunch and all should take their Hudson to them for work needed.
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