Stepdown Long and Short-Wheelbase Parking Brake cables

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Having a frustrating issue in adjusting the parking brake in my 1951 Commodore to the manual specs. The procedure is to pull the p-brake handle up 2 clicks and then adjust the clevis on the cable that connects the handle to the brake crossbar (Part C10-19) under the car. The cable is properly adjusted when the crossbar has 1/8 inch of clearance from the end of the slot in the "guide plate" (Part C10-31), which is a bracket that has a front-to-the-back of the car orientation. My problem is that the cable is too short to allow this adjustment. With the clevis at full extension and the p-brake handle pushed in, it will barely reach the crossbar, which is pulled against the end of the guide plate slot by the return spring. If I pull the handle up 2 clicks, it createsat least an inch of clearance between the cross bar and the end of the slot. 

Everything looks to be assembled correctly, so I'm grasping  for an explanation. I notice that the short wheelbase and long wheelbase cars have different parts numbers for the "emergency brake cable assembly." Is it plausible that my car had a short wheelbase cable installed at some point? The p-brake was not correctly assembled when I bought the car, and many parts were mixed and matched elsewhere. 

Or am I overlooking a more obvious cause?

Peter Sefton


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    Peter, I had the same issue. Yes, you need the long weelbSe cable and it should work fine. Let me know if you need a Carquest number for the cables.
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    Jase,  I could use the part number for the swb cable.
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