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Hi, I am servicing my fathers 1928 Essesx Super Six (2 door coach) and wondered if once I flush the cooling system if I should put an inhibitor in.

I live in the North of the North Island of New Zealand and really only require it as an inhibitor . If a remember its normally 1/3 -1 to 1/2 inhibitor to water. Also should I run a flush?

 It hasn't been moving for a year and a 1/2 and will change the the oils (Penrite) and top up clutch (not stuck) etc. 



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    Rob years ago I was advised buy a longtime NZHET member to only ever use an egg cup full of soluble oil in the Essex. This was after radiator issues I had and that was his profession. That is all I ever use now in the Essex and Hudson and am confident with his recommendation. Give the system a flush and use soluble oil and all should be fine.

    Alistair Howard,

    1928 Essex Coach 1950 Hudson Pacemaker

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    Yes, I can agree with Ernie about that
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    Only drawback with using soluble oil is that it eventually softens the inner surfaces of the radiator hoses, and these can start decomposing and flaking off, so do  replace these if there is any sign of this happening. 
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