1929 Essex Carbs, 1 with W/ Heat Control,1 without. Interested in trades for 29 Hudson parts.

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I am willing to sell but would rather do some internal trading, make me some offers, everything moves free but I am sure they will need to be rebuilt. Carb without Heat Control dose have what appears to be a lid repair. 
carb1b (1).JPG
4032 x 3024 - 2M
carb1b (2).JPG
4032 x 3024 - 2M
carb4 (1).JPG
3024 x 4032 - 2M
carb4 (2).JPG
3024 x 4032 - 2M
carb6 (1).JPG
3024 x 4032 - 2M
carb6 (2).JPG
3024 x 4032 - 2M


  • hzin711hzin711 Posts: 19Member
    do you know if this would fit a 1931 super six? the first picture the one with heat control looks just like mine
  • GeoffGeoff Posts: 3,584Senior Contributor
    1931 is different - mouth is wider where it bolts to the block. Pretty sure the carb has differences as well.  
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    What do you need?  I'm after a carby and have some spare bits & pieces (we've owned our 29 for 20 years so there is a bit around).  The 29 carby is unique to the 29 model I have found and mine is worn through on the throat. I'd be hppy to talk to you.  Cheers John A (Australia)
  • HansHans Posts: 55Senior Contributor
    First carb w/ manifold is 1929.  Small round hole for mixture to enter engine is the clue. (a 30 or 31 Essex has a much wider opening)

     Second carb w/o manifold is a model V, also 1929.

    A 1930, '31 or '32 carb does not fit on a 29 manifold.

    A 1930 carb has two jets and a '31 and '32 each have 3 jets.
  • johna8649johna8649 Posts: 4Member
    Wurger, I'd be happy to buy your Marvel V if you would like to reply to my messages.  John A
  • oldtoysoldtoys Posts: 13Member
    Do you still have either of these carbs?
  • WurgerWurger Posts: 28Member
    Hello everyone the carbs have sold, thanks for your interest. 
  • KdancyKdancy Posts: 2,361Senior Contributor
    Good, how about paying me for the 20's Hudson parts I sent you?
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    I've found out the hard way that unfortunately not all H.E.T. club members are totally honest in this regard, so I've reluctantly stopped taking people on trust, and now insist on payment before parts are shipped.
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    Sorry to hear that Kerry.
    Kdancy said:

    Good, how about paying me for the 20's Hudson parts I sent you?

  • KdancyKdancy Posts: 2,361Senior Contributor
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    Guys, this is the very reason I will no longer ship parts out until payed unless it is some one I know. I spent a lot of time helping clean out an estate that had a lot of early Hudson parts. This estate is over an hour drive from my place. I and a helper made two trips and I spent another day sorting thru parts to make some sense of them. I do not need any of it as I do not have a Hudson that these parts would go to. Advertised them on here and facebook, free to anyone that picked them up here as I did not want to ship and have to spend more time and effort on them. This young man contacted me and asked me to ship the parts to him, For more of the story contact me. I will not have any more to do with him. Apparently he was offended that I asked to be paid at least something for my time to pack and ship.

    Matt Faust made the trip to the estate to pick up the remaining parts and then over to my place to pick up the parts I had saved. Too bad we did not get together on this before the other guy did. A lot of work and time on my part would have been saved.
    At least I have confidence that the Hudson parts wound up in good hands.
    (Matt did have a Lady driving a BMW that did try to "load up" on his trailer while running 70+mph down the interstate!

  • 402Bowtie402Bowtie Posts: 107Member
    It's sad that there are people like this in the world, but it seems to be a growing trend. It's hard to trust people, and it gives a bad reputation to the good people in our club. I and many others were on the opposite side of the transactions. Send check, check gets cashed and never see the parts. Call and call and call...excuse after excuse after excuse. Never do get the parts,and no monies returned. Never a resolution, and the people are still in the Hudson club. Members who don't treat other members as family, no morals, and are thieves, should not be allowed to be members. Sad situation.
  • 35 Terraplane35 Terraplane Posts: 209Senior Contributor
    I guess I’ve been fortunate in that the folks I’ve bought parts from who are Het members have been great to deal with thus far. In a few cases after a phone call I was told they’d send the parts out and to send the check along. It gave me the feeling of esprit de corps. These experiences indicated to me that if you are member of the HET you are an honorable person. Sadly as in ever barrel there are a few bad apples. Perhaps this site and the club site could setup a category where individuals who engage in behavior like this can be listed to forewarn others.
    Just a thought.
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    I guess some people  need to be hit in the wallet list their names of who don't  pay or send parts after paying  and no one will deal with  that person or persons any longer
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    Shall I post our email traffic and photos of the packages as I received and opened them?  You should’ve just let it go as I did, rather than  try to belittle me on the club site nearly a year later. None of that stuff was worth anything,  and being someone who spoke so much about his great knowledge would have known that but was looking for a pay out. I’ve saved all our email  correspondences  and spoke with several long time members in the club about what had happened without dropping names, because I’m better than that,  apparently you’re not. You sent nothing but garbage in a used bourbon box and in an equally used amazon box with next to no packing protection, what was there was used and served no protection purpose. When I tried to confront you and handle this like a reasonable adult by asking for the shipping insurance you refused to give it and  simply told me to send it back to your shop so you could fix it/ deal with it,  all this talk about a professional shop, and you wanting to charge me at your “professional” shop rate to package said  items in once again in beat up old boxes that had nothing more than misc. broken unusable garbage.  I  am requesting that an admin from this site call me immediately,  I will gladly show proof of “Mr. Victim’s” /  but really “Mr.  opportunist’s” shadyness.
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    Lastly Sir, If you recall I told you that I would use my  Business account for all of the shipping costs, also stating I would pay for the insurance should anything get damaged,  you in turn  didn’t even give me a half a day  to get you this information you went forward and sent the parts stating that you needed to get rid of them now and that you had no room. After you sent the parts off you sent me your shop rate invoice for time spent, which was around $100 I was going to be the bigger man and just pay your shop rate as well as the shipping and insurance , packaging etc. but when I received the parts  in the aforementioned “packaging” to find them beat up and broken from bouncing off each other for 3000 miles and informed you, you became upset.  I tried to square the deal and just wanted to make sure we both walked away with something. While trying to figure everything out and asking for the insurance information you first said “  just send them back to me I’ll fix them and then send them back to you” at shipping costs both ways and shops rate cost on my dime. (  why was insurance purchased anyway to me it sounds like you had planned to double dip) after asking for the insurance again you told me to forget it,  and to never contact you again. It was you sir who did not want to figure this small issue out like a reasonable adult. 
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