redirad and prewar cars

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Has anyone used the RediRad with their prewar cars? Just from look on line at the pics the input plug and anttnea  plug will not work with my radio. 


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    I did call them a couple days ago and they can accommodate the different connections. They have adapters for them. 
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    A word of caution, I ordered a system from RediRad for my 52 Hornet (6 volt pos ground)a few years back. I couldn't get it to work, all it produced was static. After I talked to the guy at RediRad he suggested I re check the connection procedure, which I did, I even installed the unit on another 6 volt vehicle (48 Chrysler ) still could get it to work.

    After another phone call the rep from RediRad said I must have gotten a bad unit, so he sent me another one, which did not work either. ??

    I am not slamming the guy, he was quite helpful, but seems these units will not work on this particular radio system.

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    Interesting dave11 and good to know what you have experienced. I appreciate all points of view and experiences with the product. The more info I have the better choice I can make  
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    You have to turn it to a certain station on the dial in order to get it to work. Make sure you also have a good ground. If your going to the National, I can show you how it works on mine. Always worked perfect on my Hudson.
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    Thanks Nevada but I cant make the national this time around. Have a wedding to attend that weekend. But I am aware it has to be turned to 10 on the AM dial.
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    I don't mean to hijack the discussion, but...
    Do any of you remember those little under-dash FM converters from the 1970's that we cheapska thrifty car owners used to convert our AM radios to AM-FM?  You plugged the car's antenna lead into them, then the converter's lead into your radio.  They worked fine.  I've heard that one could use one of these to convert our old 6-volt tube radios to FM.  Only problem is that the converters were of course 12 volt negative ground.  Are there any cheap bargain-priced gizmos to convert 6 to 12 volt, like inverters?  Or would that not work? 

    (Ready Rad is great but after paying $100 you still need to buy an i-pod.  On the other hand, those old FM converters are probably a dime a dozen at yard sales.)
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    Just by an old Walkman at a thrift store. That would work.

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    I need a bluetooth setup, so I can just stream from my phone!  Some of the newer phone don't even have headphone jacks anymore.
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    Wireless would be ideal as it wouldn't drain your phone battery like Bluetooth does. But I have an IPOD so that solves that end of the problem for me. And Steve is sending me the adapter for the redi rad
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