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I need three u-joints for a 53 Hudson Hornet.


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    Do Hudsons use some odd type of u-joints?
    Surely Summit has something. The steering u-joint section has near 1.7k items.
    I have always used Borgeson but with my current build im trying Unisteer Performance.
    Just count the splines and take a measurement of the size or if its DD then just the size and your golden.
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  • JasonNCJasonNC Expert Adviser
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    I was told that the u-joints for 55-57 Chevys would fit my driveshaft for a 49 Hudson.  I purchased three of them from NAPA and had them installed by a company that balanced driveshafts.  Apparently this person was correct.  
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    They are about the most common u joints around, used by lots of cars and trucks, Ford, GM, AMC,ETC.
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    Yes they are the most common. It's a straight 1310 series u-joint. The Spicer part number is 5-153X, and the NAPA number is 369. 
  • Jon BJon B Administrator
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    Tanker, were you aware of Ken Cates' "StepDown" website?  It has tons of information for the '48-54 Hudsons, including cross-references on parts. http://hudsonrestoration1948-54.com/
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