Crispy Hudsons & other classic cars

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BBQ Hudson?

Hundreads of classicc cars including Hudsons go up in smoke at Country Classic Cars in the states.

And the hudsons they had in stock
Anyone car restore a car. Takes a real man to cut it up.

49 Hudson
52 Buick

49 Hudson Build thread


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    Yes very sad, I live not all that far away from there and I was just there 2 weekends ago with my daughter, granddaughter and son in law. If memory is correct the building I saw that was destroyed on the local news  then I believe only the jet was destroyed.  As luck would have it that is the car my son in law wanted to buy and he was going back there this weekend.
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    And I don't mean just the Jet was destroyed but I believe it to be the only Hudson to be destroyed as the rest as I recall were in other buildings and /or outside farther away
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    Don't put more than one old car in a building.

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    Sad day for Country Classic Cars!  Don't know what caused this huge loss of vintage cars, but perhaps all it took was one electrical short from a frayed wire of one car to initiate the blaze.   One reason why it's a good idea to have a battery disconnect switch on your antique car every time you park it for a while. 
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