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Here is one for all my Friends in the USA.  I have a friend who just purchased a carburetor off EBay for his 37 Terraplane.

The vendor was happy to send to New Zealand however it was turned around at the US border by customs and sent back to the vendor as a prohibited export item.  What is going on???? Is the USA aware that most of us in this country actually like America something is very wrong.  Go figure !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   


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    Was it attached to a car.lol
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    well obviously not and I know we can all have a laugh about it but it is similar to the ban that Ebay has on our country which prevents us from looking at collector cars for sale on EBay do they actually realize NewZealand is in the southern hemisphere not the middle east 
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    I highly doubt the reason was because the US Gov't thinks NZ "doesn't like them."
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    Look up NZ Post - "You shop" as a work around. Works well also for firms that don't want to export ie McMaster-Carr 

    Dave Y

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    I agree with David. You Shop works for me.

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    Hi I agree with the U shop thing but the point I make is that what is the problem with just sending a parcel like we always have its not rocket science
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    I have had carbs sent to NZ multiple times no issues.
    a 1942 duel carb set up for a inline 8 Buick purchased from ebay and sent via either usps or ups (i forget what one)
    A holly carb from summit sent direct to NZ.
    And then end of last year the 2 Edelbrock carbs for the Hudsons nailhead but they went through my freight forwarder Kiwi Shipping.
    Have used YouShop as well and they make it nice and easy.

    So ya not sure whats up with your carb being turned around. my guess is the customs declaration. Pop on it "Vintage Car Parts" or "Gift" and it should get through fine I would think. If it has a country of manufacturer section I guess USA.

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    There are some scary things happening not far from you (relatively).   This may be a problem in importing many parts;  brakes, gaskets, mufflers, clutches for lesser cars, fabrics, etc.



  • Trevor JTrevor J Expert Adviser
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    Yes I have been observing these regulations being enforced by the so called academic's who are hell bent on destroying our hobby and anything that does not fit with their narrow view of the world and keeps them in a job with a fat pay cheque and the rest of us where we belong.  Most of them have never had a real job
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