Flywheel nut torque for 54 308 engine with hydramatic and any need for sealant?

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Can anyone tell me the torque to tighten the 6 dome nuts (3/8 UNF) that hold the flywheel to the crank for a hydramatic equipped 1954 308  engine please.  The Hudson shop manual only seems to quote the 8 cylinder engine (40 - 45 foot pounds).  Also , is there any need to apply sealant between the crank and flywheel to seal the transmission fluid in the Torus ?  If so what sealant would you recommend. Thank you.


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    You do need Sealant in-between flange & flywheel. I would use a little Permatex Blk RTV or similar. Those Nuts are 3/8" SAE so I torque 45- 50# using Red Loctite then bend over the lock Tabs
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    Thank you !
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