Check the flea market, behind the motel.

bobdriveshudson2bobdriveshudson2 Expert Adviser
DONT FORGET THE PIGEON FORGE MEET. Oct 26-28. Will include a flea market, usually behind the motel, good spot protected from vehicle traffic.  Come see, kick tires, eat, shop and learn about Hudsons, my Dad worked for a dealer.


  • 52hudsonman52hudsonman Member
    Posts: 17
    what motel will the fiea market be behind
  • bobdriveshudson2bobdriveshudson2 Expert Adviser
    Posts: 75
    Vacation Lodge, we meet there every year, MidSouth & Smokey Mountain clubs hosts for the meet.
  • LHudsonLHudson Expert Adviser
    Posts: 183
    Wanted: OD trans for a Jet.  Anyone coming to PF with a OD trans for a Jet, I would be interested. Drop me a line.  Always enjoy the swap meet.
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