Close event, with good food, activities for all ages, easy to get to, cooler weather, places to walk

bobdriveshudson2bobdriveshudson2 Expert Adviser
DONT FORGET THE PIGEON FORGE MEET. Oct 26-28. Will include a flea market, usually behind the motel, good spot protected from vehicle traffic.  Come see, kick tires, eat, shop and learn about Hudsons, my Dad worked for a dealer.


  • Jon BJon B Administrator
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    Is there a flyer online, that people can look at?  Or a webpage with info. on the meet, schedules, hotel info., maps, etc.?
  • LHudsonLHudson Expert Adviser
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    Hey Bob. Looks like it's time to make some reservations. I plan on making it again this year.  
  • bobdriveshudson2bobdriveshudson2 Expert Adviser
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    Great Larry, will look for you, tell Mark hello, I still have exhaust adapters for sale.  Will be there Wed.
    Additional info on the first post and has been in the WTN in previous years.
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