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hey ya

Any one have issues contacting 21st Century Hudson?  http://www.21stcenturyhudson.com

They have two emails listed for contact and have tried both via Gmail webmail. Weeks latter no response.

Basicly after info on the Polished Stainless Trim to suit a 1949 Super four door.
Hudson stainless trim
Wanting better pics - any of you guys ever brought from them or even better this part?
The pic on the website dosnt enlarge.
it says 8 pieces for a four door. Can i get a break down of what each part is please.
Was thinking the bit on the rocker cover, wheel cover/skirt and the bit behind the skirt. but that would be 6 parts. Also wouldnt account why four door is different so then i thought the stainless on the bottom of doors as well but then that would be to many parts :/
Is it for both sides of the car?
I also asked if they had some 1950 or 51 four door hornet side trim. Both sides of the car.

I have also tried emailing months ago about windsheilds and they never got back to that either. 
If this is the customer service they have im a bit hesitant to order from them.

Still if any of you could shed some light on that lower stainless trim it would be great. 
oh and if you have a 51 hornet side trim for a 4 door then hit me up.


49 Hudson Build thread (picture heavy, may need to refresh if images dont show.)


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    Have visited Randy, Russ and Steve at their facilty. Have ordered engine parts and bought a rear axle from them over the phone, no issues. We are lucky to have them as a vendor.
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    The parts shown in the picture are for bottoms of front and rear fenders and doors. I have ordered them and they are great. (although a little pricey).
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    Call them. They seem to prefer to do business on the phone. I have had no issues working with them on acquiring parts they offer.
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    great people,very honest.
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    Alex, as mentioned above, 8 pieces total, 4 on each side.  Front fender, front door, rear door, rear fender.  These go along the bottom of each panel, above the rockers.  

    I believe they will work on your car, but I'm not certain which year Hudson shifted those from stainless to painted pieces.  

    I put together an original set years ago for a 53 sedan I had.  Originally on the 53 those pieces were painted the same as body color.  At the time, I could not find ANY painted pieces that were good to work with, but I was able to find the stainless.  I liked the way it looked better with stainless anyway, so that is how I left it.
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    Why not put Buick trim on it as well???
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    Originally, the stainless was on '50's.  It's nice to find a set of that if you want the stainless, especially if you have a later Senior Car. A cross section of the '50 trim was shaped like an eyebrow, much like the side trim, just smaller.  See Pic. Not original, but very snazzy looking.

    The original painted pieces was made from cold-rolled steel and basically, there is none available anymore.  Even if you do find a set, it will be so brittle it might very well fall apart trying to re-use it.  Basically, it's junk.  

    The stainless that Russ and Randy are re-manufacturing is great, as it's shaped like the later cars (just a smooth semi-circle) and it can be polished or painted, your choice.  Once painted, there's no differentiating it from the original.  

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    hey guys

    Thanks for getting back. Haven't had time to check up on the forums much of late.

    to those that let me know the parts and even posted pics - your legends think you may of saved me a bit of wedge.
    But just to confirm its the bits above the rockers highlighted below.

    when i was looking at there pic on the shop showing both sides together i was thinking it was all the bars below the highlighted bits on the rockers. Totally see it now.

    Agree with statements regarding having suppliers dedicated to keeping the old beasts on the road. :S wish we had a few more.

    Still trying to track down the 51 side swish (well thats what i will call it for lack of a better word) to suit a four door.

    Thanks again for the feedback.


    49 Hudson Build thread (picture heavy, may need to refresh if images dont show.)
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    Beautiful car Russell.
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    Try calling me at 309-838-5551 .May have some 51 pieces you need in the eyebrow for fender and door and also mid way up.
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    thats great news what time zone are you in as im GMT +12 in New Zealand.

    Will flick you a message as well.

    the parts im after from a 51 are circled below.

    Unsure if its four, five or six parts that make up each side. :/

    hey thanks

    49 Hudson Build thread (picture heavy, may need to refresh if images dont show.)
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