Grain-It Technolgies wood graining kit for rent

I bought one of their basic upgrade kits to do the graining on my 52.  Is there anyone out there who is considering the same and as an alternative would you be interested in 'renting' the kit I bought?  I'll ship it to you.  You ship it back to me when you're done.  This is the $450 kit and includes the woodgrain compound and the toning compound (I only used a small amount of what was included in the kit, so there is plenty left).

My work wasn't great, lol, but it was a big improvement over what I had.  A previous owner had painted all my mouldings a solid color so there was no woodgrain left anywhere.  Grain it can also sell you spray cans of the base coat.  I bought these from them as well (@$30 a can).  You could match a color at the hardware store possibly.  Mine was the blue base coat and I couldn't find a blue one for reference, so it was the path I chose.  I can send you a link to my flickr account which has some pictures.

Contact me at: (remove the het). 


  • I'd also be willing to sell it.  This is the basic upgrade package.  I paid $449.00 for it and it comes with the graining plate that corresponds to the 52's (maybe others?).  This is the link to the kit:

    There's nothing wrong with it and you'll get everything that came with it.  I still have plenty of the graining compound and the toner.  You can also watch videos on their website to get an idea.  How about $250 plus postage.  Or I'll be in Hershey next month, I could deliver it there.  
  • Does it come with easy-to-read instructions made for clumsy beginners?
  • DocHublerDocHubler Posts: 979
    The leathergrain pattern is not quite an exact match of Hudson.  I have the Grain-it technologies large kit as well.  I think I know the secret to make the pattern more exact.  It's pretty easy to do.  Was going to work on some panels for my Hornet.
  • 33kc198933kc1989 Posts: 352
    Great offer bull. 
  • There were no written instructions.  It has a DVD with video instructions.  Some videos are on the website, but in looking at them they may not be the same ones?    I didn't master the transitions or blending where the two ran together, but was still happy with the results as I mentioned, a previous owner had repainted over all the woodgrained pieces.

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