Hood ornament

I am restoring a 1936 Hudson Terraplane Coupe and it is missing the hood ornament.  I have looked on eBay, but cannot find a match.  Would anyone know where I would be able to find one?


  • I have a mint 1936 terraplane hood ornament that is perfect. I will be putting it on ebay this week with a reserve. its very hard to find these that or not broken,pitted,or missing pieces.
  • he sells carrot only,not complete ornament
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    That is a beauty 2manyprojects!!
  • Still looking for a 1936 Hudson Terreplane hood ornament.  Missed the one on eBay in July!   
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    Keep looking.  Sometimes type in a different search like vintage mascot.  You'll find another.   
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    The dollars are crazy.  But hey how bad do you want it.   
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    If I was roger I'd buy it - considering a used one would need a rechroming and a carrot and usually sell on eBay for $500-700 it's a no brainer - I've watched eBay for 4 years and you'll never get one in any condition under $500 - it's getting to the stage where people owning one like me might have to treat the car like anyone owning a 1920's car with a screw on mascot - removing it and only having it on when it's in eye contact or the car is under watch - had to replace my jags one with a cheap Asian knock off when I lost the real one parked on the street - only saying ......cheers Ken 
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    Roger I have a NOS single wing 1936 Terraplane hood ornament and I also have a used one with two single bands and no wing for a 1936 Terraplane you can call me if you want  651-315-1337 Tom.

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    The thing to do is get one in really great condition, like this one, and use it to make the molds to cast new ones.  Then sell the new ones for $2-300 or so (whatever the cost + profit works out to) to re-coup the cost and make the parts available to others.  The trouble is the same with all of these items, and that is the question, "How many are we likely to sell and how long will it take to get rid of X of them sitting on my shelf?"  

    If one is patient, and wants to put back into the hobby in which they participate, then the endeavor far outweighs the, inconvenience, for lack of a better word.  
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