Frame and suspension upgrade 33 Hudson terreplane

fishnrgr67fishnrgr67 Posts: 4Member
my father recently gave me his 33 terreplane super six  it's in excellent condition but the motor is out of it .  I want to put a modern drivetrain and upgrade the frame does anyone have any suggestions on a good donor car frame that I can start with ?  I also want to keep the rest of the car as original as possible  and we also need a reference on having the electrical system redone to be able to use the original gauges and components !


  • fishnrgr67fishnrgr67 Posts: 4Member
     I am also looking for passenger side brackets for the glass   Wind deflector !  Unfortunately and transporting the vehicle cross country I lost the passenger side wind deflector!
  • 33kc198933kc1989 Posts: 407Senior Contributor
    Use the original frame period.  Then see what would fit as far as motor would go.
  • tedted Posts: 35Member
    Please call me or send ur number. I will by any drive train parts your getting rid of. Ted in Ontario Canada.5196543144
  • tedted Posts: 35Member
    I will b interested in motor/ transmission  . Steering. Axle s wheel s rad. Brake cable s.  All of the parts. Thanks Ted. 5196543144
  • rkee0308rkee0308 Posts: 23Member

    I just did a quick search and it looks like a first generation Trailblazer would be the exact same wheelbase and a similar track width as well. If you do some more digging there are more options. Seeing as how the trailblazer is a body on frame it should be as easy as fabricating some body mounts and running electrical and being done. I know similar to 33kc1989 a lot of people here are all about keeping it original as possible. However, the way I see it is if you can get it back on the road, it's better then just letting it rot.

    - Ryan 

  • fishnrgr67fishnrgr67 Posts: 4Member
     Thanks for the input!  Right now I'm just looking at what options are out there! I do not plan on letting it just sit and rot but were all tied down when it comes to extra cash! It's a California car in excellent  condition  been garage kept for over 30 years I have the transmission and drive shaft but the motor is still in California  i've got to get ahead for it if I go that route and stay original! 
  • fishnrgr67fishnrgr67 Posts: 4Member
    I plan on keeping the original parts with the car even if I upgrade! I want to keep the numbers together in case I ever sell it or put it back original!
  • rkee0308rkee0308 Posts: 23Member
    If you have the possibility of getting the original motor it is not a bad idea to lean that way. Resale and value wise it can't be beat. I didn't know what kind of shape it was in, but at the end of the day it's your car, your time and your money so dow what you want! I know for me I'm doing a 4x4 Dakota chassis swap on my 46 Pickup due to the motor and frame both being completely unserviceable. Either way keep us all updated on the projects progress. 

  • mkcglfmkcglf Posts: 1Member
    Use the original frame as it also has VIN stamped in 2 places on the passenger side frame rail.  This may be the only thing in some states that would allow you to register the car as it originally was.  Otherwise you may be forced to register it as rebuilt or some other term.  I just sold my 33 Terraplane six streetrod, it had a ford 302, C4 transmission, and a 92 Jeep Cherokeee rear in it.  Other than boxing the frame and adding a Mustang II frontend it was pretty much original(the frame).  I have some original parts for a 33 available for sale if anyone is interested. Radiator, headlights, and some trim pieces.  Contact me @  
  • tedted Posts: 35Member
    Hi Gary. Please call me I will buy any 33 parts left over. I tried email and didn't work. 5196543144 thanks Ted
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