well lots has changed but I'm keeping the Hudson

jrendajrenda Posts: 92Member
at least for now.  I did try to sell it and priced it high hoping to be talked down to a manageable number.  No bites.  Even popped it up at a pretty fair number - still no bites.  So instead of punting on it and taking a HUGE bath I am going to keep it and continue down my path.

Last time I left off I had dropped the inline 6 from a Chevy 250 into the car, rigged up a T5 manual from an 88 S10 and mocked up the engine and trans mounts.  I can very happily say I now back to being excited about the car again!  My life took some turns along the way but as of now things seem to be going along OK and I have permission to work on the car in my old garage.

Next step is to pull drivetrain, final weld all engine/trans mounts and then get it running (not driving, just running).  The engine ran when I got it so hoping that's a simple matter of a basic wire job just for now.  Then it's on to a full rewire, swap out old 6v stuff with 12, add some basic gauges and  check out the fuel tank and run new gas lines. 

Hoping that if she runs ok by Fall to get her off to have the interior done in a simple pleated white vinyl.  My best guess is about $2500 is needed for me to get it where I want it inc new tires for front, the interior and last bits of mechanical items.  

Just glad to be excited about it again.

Hope all on here are well.  - jason


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    Hi Jason, 

    Glad to hear you are back and excited about the car again!  I enjoyed reading your stories and was able to relate somewhat (also being a younger guy trying to figure things out and do right by the Hudson deities).  Keep us updated!
    Stephen Repas
    1954 Hornet Coupe - Originally my Grandfather's
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    Glad to here it, good luck with your project.

    you got a lot of stuff kid 
  • SuperDaveSuperDave Posts: 3,371Senior Contributor
    With the Chevy 6 It gets crowded on the drivers side (left) with the exhaust manifold and all the other stuff, brakes, clutch etc. Be careful with how much you cut out of the Hudson crossmembers.

    Live in the past.... it's cheaper.

    49 Commodore Eight Convertible

    Melbourne, Florida

  • jrendajrenda Posts: 92Member
    well got some progress done over the couple days off for the 4th of July.  chevy 250 and T5 trans are in.  Mounts fully welded.  Made up a battery box.  So far everything clears: steering linkage, clutch linkage, looks like plenty of clearance for the exhaust, using stock radiator.  Need to measure and order a shortened front half driveshaft.  Still lots to do but back to having fun with it.  Still have original engine setting inside garage waiting to win lottery for a rebuild.  For now I just want to get this thing going.  
  • jrendajrenda Posts: 92Member
    ps SuperDave - i didn't have to cut anything to get the 250 in there.  Plenty of clearance for the oil pan to sit above the crossmember and steering.  maybe I did something differently?
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