61 Years (and Counting) With a '30 Essex!

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Congratulations to Howard Krontz, whose article "Attached to an Orphan Essex" appears in the June 22 issue of Old Cars Weekly.  Mr. Krontz purchased his '30 Essex coupe in 1956 at the age of 17!  It was his first car.  He paid $45 for it!   He joined the fledgling H-E-T Club in 1959, hoping to find parts for his car, which he ultimately did.  Howard has won numerous awards from the AACA over the years, including the Senior Grand National award.  He certainly got his $45 worth, I'd say!


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    Can anyone send me a copy of that article?   I too have had an Essex since 1956, which I paid $20 for.
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    Just happened to have it on my desk Geoff.   Check your email
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    Hi UJ
    Could you please send me a copy of the article. These folk make me feel that I'm a mere youngster having only had my Essex since 1965
    Dave Young (New Zealand)
    Dave Y New Zealand
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    Nice story.  
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