Hydramatric Flywheel Question

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I finished up the rebuild of my 262 for my 53.  I am at the stage of mating the hydramtic now.  My question is in regards to the flywheel bolts and lockplate.  As seen in the picture, there were washers between the nuts and the locking plate.  Am I right to assume that they do not belong there.  I saw a recently listing on eBay for these parts and there were no washers.  

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    Just bumping to the top since I would like to put engine and trans together this weekend.  I don't want to have to pull it apart again but I don't believe the washers go there.  
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    The answer is found on pages 147 and 148 of the HUDSON Hydramatic manual.  A copy of that manual can be found on my website.  Use the URL in my signature to get to the home page and select TRANSMISSIONS on the right side of the page.  Once on that page click on the Transmission manual and scroll to the pages noted.  I have extracted the pertinent information from those pages and the two JPGs attached list that information.   The answer is the eBay kit is incomplete for a HUDSON application. Follow the instructions and you should be a happy Hudson camper.

    sorry for the small jpg... it you click on those attached and + them they are readable and printable.  or as I said go to the actual manual and print those pages from it.

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    Thanks oldfarmer.  That helps a lot.  I have the manual somewhere in the house, but just don't know where.  I had forgotten the manuals were available online.

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