1949 Hudson Super Six

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Glad to be here, see attached my 49 Hudson. 

All original paint , no body work ever done to her, left her patina and clear coated 

Sub frame - SB 350 with 700r
S10 rear end (soon to be 9')
Vintage Heat/Air

The interior is being done now, will post some pic as soon as it is done

Few Questions/Items needed 

On my dash someone put Commodore tag - looking for the Super Six tag
Looking for Front bumper guards
Also made a post wanting to get my Vin Decoded  
I know 49 Year 1 Super Six the rest I don't know

Thanks for any help 

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    Desktop wallpaper worthy pic there my man.

    lower the altitude and raise the attitude though man. 

    looks good with the dummy lake pipes.
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    124248 is the consecutive numbering of the chassis and engine.  In other words, it was the 124248th 1949 Hudson produced - that's all that part of the vin means.  Back in 1949, very few auto makers had figured out that they could use the vin number to tell those of us that have come along much later more important details of the vehicle with numbers and letters.
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