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I am needing some help decoding my Vin 

I know what the 1st 3 numbers mean Year and model - need help with rest 




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    Looks like a 1949 Super Six, the very last one made in June of '49, in fact.

    Stephen Repas
    1954 Hornet Coupe - Originally my Grandfather's
    Southeastern PA
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    I was told it is a 
    1949 Hudson Super Six Series 491Brougham 
     and those are rare, I dont know how much truth there is to all of that 

    here is a pic of her 
    960 x 720 - 154K
    1500 x 1000 - 203K
  • Jon BJon B Administrator
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    Any 1949 Hudson is comparatively rare, but I don't think that the broughams (2-door sedans) are particularly rare.  Looks like a nice, solid "driver", though!

    As to the serial number, you are right: the first three numbers denote the year/model.  491 is a 1949 Super Six.  501 would have been a 1950 Super Six.

    The numbers that followed, merely indicate the sequence in which the car was produced that year.  It was the 124,248th car down the line for the 1949 model year.  The next car behind it might have been, for example, a Commodore Eight (model 494); its serial number would have been 494124249.

    And Stephen is correct.  The last car built in June of 1949 was #124248.  Yours.
  • iceblade10iceblade10 Member
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    I don't know if the serial number will indicate the exact trim level, such as Brougham, but there are probably many other ways to tell.  I'm a Hudson newbie, so I couldn't tell you off hand, but I'm sure other will chime in shortly.  Do you have any interior pictures?

    I think the coupes are much more rare than the sedans...
    Stephen Repas
    1954 Hornet Coupe - Originally my Grandfather's
    Southeastern PA
  • Jay GJay G Expert Adviser
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    Depends of the definition of rare?  Were there less broughams then 4 doors, yes.  Were there less convertibles than Broughams, I don't know but I would think, yes.  Are there a number of broughams in the Hudson Club.......yes.  How many is any ones guess when you look at restorable cars stashed away.  How many do you consider rare?

    I can say that they produced less pickups in 46 or 47 and it seems as though almost everyone in the club has one.  Well it feels that way from time to time.  I have a 1910 Hudson which I consider as rare, a 1922 Essex coach, which you never see but they made a bunch of them, rare, yes. 1937 model 77, somewhat rare...maybe.  1946 pickup, rare....not so much.  1950 convertible, rare...maybe, but you see them fare more than the 1922 Essex. 1951 brougham.....rare, not as rare as the convertible.  1953 4 door sedan.....not rare at all.  Again depends on the definition of rare.  I save the rare category for less that 15-20 world wide.

    Just my opinion and you know what they say about opinions.....


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    OK Jay, I will throw in my opinion about rare.  Rare is only something you can talk about when you are at an old car function and in the long run it does not mean a thing.  I had a Hudson that only 11 were built in a four year period.  Two were known to exist for my year and model.  When it came time to sell, it did not bring any extra money because it was rare.  Also, My 1954 Hudson Hornet Special Coupe is one of seventy-seven made.  I am told that only seven exist today and three are running--if you can find them.  Fact is that with those that are stashed away in collections waiting to be restored the number could be anywhere on the scale--so rare, I think not.  But to me, it does not matter...  There are around 60 Hudson's in the state of Utah.  Seldom, if ever, see any of them at local car shows...

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    Hey MWMA, did your car come out of Tenn.? It looks familiar. Like those sedans.  LHud
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