1935 hudson terraplane 6 wing windows needed

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looking for 1935 terraplayine 6 wing windows need not have glass


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    Maybe you could be a bit more specific. I assume you are looking for the glass frame, not the glass?   If by "wing windows" you mean the vent wings in the front doors, that is only two.  I was under the impression that all the rest of the side glass rolled up or down or sideways, but did not have a frame around it.
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    "One pair of vent/wing windows for a 1935 Terraplane 6"
    ...if I may be so presumptuous as to offer an interpretation of what I think he is looking for.
    I'd be inclined to just keep watching EBay - pair for a 1936 on there now; 1935 may show up eventually - the whole setup with mechanism was offered on EBay previously.

    If you are looking for just the glass frame and you have the mechanism, I wonder if it might be something you can get fabricated pretty easily - it is more-or-less a C channel to hold the flat glass with an attachment point to the mechanism on the bottom and a pivot point on the top.  If you also need the mechanism outer frame, then that's a bit more fabricating.

    You get a fair detail in pictures from this Hemmings article;
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