1927 Essex Boattail

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Hello, I have a 27 Boat tail & am looking for the spare tire brackets for the back, door handles & body mounted door hinges.

Any leads would be greatly appreciated.

I also have a 1938 Terraplane utility coupe in running condition.


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    Good luck in your search.  One thought: if you're in the H-E-T, have you gone through the roster and located other owners of Speedabouts?  You might contact them, asking if by any chance they have accumulated enough extra parts to consider selling some of them.  Or, in desperation, someone may have made a mold and replicated the parts.  One would think that perhaps some of the hardware was interchangeable with the (more numerous) sedans, coupes and roadsters, in which case it would be fairly easy to obtain it.  But maybe the hardware you seek was unique to the Speedabout.
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    Thank you Jon.   The spare tire brackets are the same on other models in 27.   The pair I have came off a wrecked 2 door that was overturned in a swamp for 50 years - not much left & they have the imprint of a bulldozer blade in them!   

    I think the door handles are the same as well but am not 100% certain.


  • JackInnesJackInnes Member
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    I have now found a left spare tire bracket so a good pair or a right (passenger side) will work.

    Thank you,


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