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In lieu of trying to modify an original signal light switch to add warning lights, I had already purchased an aftermarket signal switch from NAPA, which had its own four way warning lights.  It works fine, but I would like to figure out a way to attach it to the steering wheel in a manner that just doesn't look so tacky.  It's not the type that cuts itself off after making the turn and the metal band that holds it to the steering column doesn't tighten up enough to hold it in place.  It looks like I may have to put a screw into the holding band to keep it from rotating whenever I try to use it.  If anyone has developed a way to make such a signal light switch more aesthetically appealing, I sure would like to see it. Thanks.  


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    Have you considered using the original Hudson directional switch and wiring setup, and then installing a "period" 4-way adapter from the 50's?  I believe these could be gotten for 6-volt systems and could be easily adapted to systems with separate rear lamps for directionals, or single rear lamps (with brake and signal sharing the same bulb).
    The pull switch for the flasher could be semi-hidden down under the dash or tucked away in the glove compartment.  Then you'd have the authentic "look" (and self-canceling) of the Hudson turn signal switch and wiring, with the functionality of the emergency flasher.
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    You don't need to mount that switch assuming the original signal light lever is working. Just intercept the 'red' button wire(s), or whatever turns on hazard mode; install a toggle switch, and mount under the dash, etc. You can get the toggle switch with a red indicator light in the toggle itself.
    Hang up the original purchased old car turn signal/hazard switch somewhere under the dash
    That way you don't have to see the tacky one. Note I am assuming how it operates and that your original turn signal lever works. Anyway, this perhaps for consideration.
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    The car is a Super Six.  It didn't have a signal switch when it was built, hence the aftermarket signal switch.  Like I said, it works great, it just looks like an add-on and I was hoping that someone had figured out a way to make it look more cosmetically pleasing.  
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    Not that I know of.  All those aftermarket switches are pretty clunky looking, in my opinion.  When I wanted to add turn signals on my '37, I was delighted to find that the original StepDown Hudson switch fit neatly around the 1937 steering column, had a metal raceway to carry the wires, and a neat cast-metal bracket to conceal the wires where they went up under the dash.  Even worked with my single-taillight bulb.  And I was able to make the thing self-cancelling. 

    It's original looking and cosmetically pleasing but -- alas!  -- it has no 4-way flasher!
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    I had forgotten that signal lights were an option then.
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