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Tonight I had our cousin come over and removed the unit It was seized and half of the float was gone.I read that the old ford in the 50s would work but not read correctly How can I rectify this.  Hudsonly  Ray When I installed the tank maybe 8 years ago the floatwas good.


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    Duncan what you found is what I found in several tanks.  See the attachment.  image
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    King Seely made the fuel system for my 1928 Essex Coupe (6 volt)
    Dave Y New Zealand
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    Thanks  Ken & essex28 & 50c for the help Do you have a phone number  Ray
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    Stepdown Fuel Tank Gauge Sending Unit

    JOHN WOLF & COMPANY, Inc - Antique auto instrument & King Seeley Fuel tanks Sender repair - http://antiqueinstrument.com/ located @ 36420 Biltmore Place - Willoughby, Ohio Phone: ( 440 ) 942 - 0083

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    I phoned John Wolf and asked how much it would cost to repair my sending unit He said 155.00 + SHIPPING. It would cost just about double by the time I got it back to Canada. I phoned my friend and he found a sending unit just like knew. So am on our way this afternoon to pick it up 80 miles each way.He tested it and it had good readings.  Hudsonly  Ray
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    At $155 I don't see a reason to repair when a new one is $95 from Paul?
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    I believe Paul is doing a service to all the HET community. As a owner of both senders, the Sender John repaired for me Is the ONLY sender I have used that created an accurate gauge sweep without any mechanical or electrical adjustment.  55 dollars more = OEM operation.  Of the 10+ senders I have collected they all exhibit the same problem, rusted resistor which creates a failure to operate.  The picture in the page previously posted shows before and after Johns refurbishment. I have never met John and I do recommend Paul's sender too. 
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    Well, I am becoming confused again !!! Some tank sender posts say the resistance should be high when full and low when empty. And others the opposite.
    With the dash wire removed and a Fluke meter connected between the sender output post and ground, MY 'full' is around 10-15 ohms depending how full it is. NOT the 100 ohms (high) that some say ????
    I thought all stepdowns would read the same way, but I have never been in one except mine.
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    74 ohms full - 13 ohms empty Hudson sender.  other senders all over the place. 
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    To day I went and got the fuel tank sending unit. It is different than the one I took out of our car. Being that it looks like a wafer.instead of a set of points scrapping along a wire wound board. Will this work the one I brought home today.  Hudsonly   Ray
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    I have an answer to the fuel sender issue.
    "Tanks" sells senders with various ohms.
    They have a 74-10 ohm sender just the opposite of Hudson.
    You can turn the unit upside down & get it to match the ohms of the Hudson gauge.

    The unit comes apart & is easily configured to match the old Hudson sender shape & swing.

    You have to buy the 6 to 5 adapter to use their sender.
    The adapter allows you to use any modern sender if you want to use modern gauges.

    The sender & adapter cost about $70+ shipping.
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