Front suspension upper/lower arm - special tool for aligning pivot and bushings ?

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there is excessive wear in the upper arm pivot/bushings on my 1948 super six, and I need to replace them. According to the Hudson manual, I should use tool 1860, which apparently spreads the arm by 1/16 inch to get the alignment correct.  As I am never going to find the correct tool (!!) has anyone improvised a way to get the alignjment correct ?  Any help would be much appreciated.  Thank you.


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    A turnbuckle can be made into a quick and dirty spreader. Cut off the hooks or eyes that a turnbuckle typically comes with and weld on something that will engage with the arms.
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    Where are you located?
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    Thanks Bob.
    Does anyone know where to measure for the 1/16 inch stretch, is it at the point where the bushings go into the arm ?

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    I am in the United Kingdom, hence chances of finding any original tools is zero so I have to improvise !!

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    I have now discovered the lower arm bushes and pivots are also worn. The Hudson manual staes thet need to use tool 1052 to maintain certain distances.  Does anyone have a picture of what the tools look like, I am hoping I can make a tool up. 
    Thank you.

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    Doc  the following pictures are from the 1954 Kent-Moore Hudson Special tools catalogue.   I have also included a picture  of the J1052 tool that I recently purchased from a eBay vendor.

    1954 Kent-Moore Hudson Special Tools.jpg
    2448 x 3264 - 1M
    upper control arm speader J3957 Hudson Stepdown.jpg
    2971 x 1297 - 550K
    J1052 Lower Control Arm Spreader Hudson all models.jpg
    2823 x 455 - 203K
    s-l1600 (3).jpg
    1600 x 1066 - 232K
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    Thank you Oldfarmer, that is really helpful.
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    I just ground a length of square steel tube to the correct dimension and hammered it into position before  installing the bushings. 
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    Thanks Geoff.
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