Wanted 53 Hornet Headlight Switch

PeterDPeterD Member
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Need a headlight switch for my 53 Hornet Please.


  • LanceLance Member
    Posts: 516
    I would be happy to help. I have those.    Contact me  using HEThornetllw@yahoo.com.  Drop the HET when writing.
  • PeterDPeterD Member
    Posts: 15

    Still wanted 53 Hornet Headlight Switch.

    Lance did nave one ( thankyou Lance ), but was unable to do Paypal

    Anyone else have one please.

  • LanceLance Member
    Posts: 516
    Peter, No reflection on you at all. I've had a bad experience with PayPal and don't wish to use them. For overseas customers I prefer Western Union.
  • RichardDRichardD Member
    Posts: 475
    Recommend you use Bosch relays. Your switch will last longer; and you can use 100 watt H4 high beams!! Hide the things if you don't want anyone to to know.
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