308 ENGINE ANCHORS: cannot move forward on mounts

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I photo document any project I have on the '53 Hornet so here is another. I installed power brakes on the car last month and they work so good that I became concerned about the fan touching my aluminum radiator, even tho engine mounts are 'new'. Here is what I came up with if anyone is curious. Regardless, I haven't seen this subject here before~~~~

19 photos/comments>>>  https://goo.gl/photos/s6EuVsHkpgUC3Dbd7

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2592 x 1944 - 471K
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    Very Nice and Very wise of you to fabricate a hold back System because the motor will slide forward upon impact with the original thin front engine plate. My old Stock car had a 5/8" rod connected diagonally from the frame up to the rear head bolts because of the motor sliding forward a few times. (Incidently, I clicked on your photo Link and have to say your Hudson looks as nice underneath as it does top side snd seen a lot of other nice Modifications).
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    Thanks for the roses. Haven't thought about the front engine plate, but it is thin and could flex. Did subsequently modify the rear mounts; left one by isolation rubber hose and 1/4" rubber gasket on rear; now left rod is totally isolated, front and rear. Only put a 1/4"rubber disk on the right rear side; no room for anything else.
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