Buy WHEEL new or used for my Hudson Essex

manuessexmanuessex Member
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I need 2 wheels. Have a photo but I don't know how to send it here.


  • Jon BJon B Administrator
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    See HOW TO POST PICTURES at our "Instructions & Tips" category

    What year of Essex do you have?
  • manuessexmanuessex Member
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    Mu car is a essex roadster 4P. Year 1929. 
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  • manuessexmanuessex Member
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    Will it be difficult to find them?
  • HansHans Senior Contributor
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    There are many similar looking wheels, that use similar center hub with 6 bolt holes on a 6 inch circle.
    The '29 Essex used 60 spokes, with a 20 inch tire mounted.
    Many wheel variations with tire sizes from 20", 19" 18" tires, using the 6 bolts on 6 inch circle. Number of spokes from 40 to 72 per wheel.
    I often see wheels that have my hopes up, but seldom see the correct one I'm looking for.  
    Most wheels found have required work, on Lock rings and it's groove.
    Please call 517 Two 6 three  366 six

  • HansHans Senior Contributor
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    what are the particulars concerning the wheels you have and want?
    what size tire diameter at rim?
    number of spokes?   Inner  and  outer as attached to center hub.
    Picture looks like 6 bolt holes thru center hub to brake drum.  are they on a 6 inch circle? 
    I would expect a '29 to have 6 mounting bolts on a 6 inch circle, with 20 inch tires and 60 spokes.
    What do you have so we can help you.
  • manuessexmanuessex Member
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    Okay, I'll look at it tomorrow and we'll talk



  • manuessexmanuessex Member
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    Hello Hans,  I atached the photos of my whell. Sending drawing with measures too. 
    Have 60 spokes with 20 inch tires. 6 bolts. 
    It's the same as the one you describe.  I need two wheels for the spare tires. New or a good used. 

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  • HansHans Senior Contributor
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    Yes, I am now sure of the wheels you require.

     It is amazing how many different wheels will bold on to the 6 inch 6 bolt hubs.  Even the 1929 Chevrolet DISC wheel has the same bolt pattern.

    Where are you located?   Do You or any one you know come to the Hershey Meet in October?

     Hershey Pennsylvania, USA.

  • manuessexmanuessex Member
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    We Live in Spain and the others year we have been in the fair, but this year we can´t attend. 
    But we would like to be able to solve it before October. Could we see the possibility of sending it to Spain ?.

  • HansHans Senior Contributor
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    My communications have been intended to be helpful to you and others of us readers in identifying your needs.
    After 80 plus years many changes could have been made to a car. With your pictures and drawing we now know what you need.

    I have never seen a New old wheel, all have required cosmetic repair up to major repair as replacement of spokes and work in the snap ring grove area.

    Hershey is one of the best places to find your needs but with your information many more will be better informed.

    I have heard some groups of Hershey attendees, ie. Sweden  and Germany arrange shipment of large quantities of parts and even cars  from there.  Perhaps you may have associates from Spain that do the same thing.

    It is always best to see what you purchase so you can evaluate condition and evaluate any possible repairs.

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