Help finding my first car, a 1940 Hudson Traveler 4 door.

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I sold the first car I owned and have always missed it. Would love to have it back, or at least know of its whereabouts.

It is a 1940 Hudson traveler 4 door sedan, originally black but was repainted in a tan color with red wheels. The right front fender below the headlight had a bad bond repair. It had the original small radio. Was sold in Massachusetts in 1970. 

Any help would be very appreciated. Thanks in advance.


  • Jon BJon B Administrator
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    Sounds like you don't have the serial number.  That's too bad because of course that would positively identify it.

    My advice is to contact some of the older members of the New England Chapter.  There was a lot of horse trading back in those days, and maybe someone in the Chapter owned -- or knew about -- your old car.  One idea would be to contact the chapter newsletter editor and ask him to run a short appeal from you, asking if anyone knows what became of the car.  An old snapshot would help.
  • ValVal Member
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    Ditto to what Jon said, with out the serial number it will be more difficult to track I feel.
  • junkcarfannjunkcarfann Expert Adviser
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    Thanks guys...will do.
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