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In 2015 my Ivory wheel from the Texas heat was showing its age as you can see by the picture.  So I purchased a used wheel from my friend, and overhauled it, with the talent I have of working with epoxy, R/C Airplanes, etc, refurbished the wheel and had my friend paint it Maroon.  Someone on here was looking for an Ivory wheel.  So I took my old Ivory wheel, which was in very poor shape, and brought it back into the realm of usable. So now the someone has backed off purchasing the wheel.  At this point I am working with the wheel in the primer stage ready to paint, but it will stay in the primer state until someone wants the wheel and tells me what color they want the wheel. I am asking $275.00, plus shipping when it is completed in the final color of the recipient.  The catch on the backside of this is I want your old wheel to refurbish and resell. If you let me have your old wheel I will pay shipping.

Hudson Grandpa

old wheel.jpg
2080 x 1544 - 659K
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3264 x 2448 - 2M
3264 x 2448 - 2M


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