1954 Radio decisions

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Well Steve Engel called and he can use one of the Radios I got from Old Farmer plus my old radio for other parts needed, Nonetheless for a full rebuild and conversion to 12V we are talking a lot of money.  This is not a complaint about Steve at all, he is the best I know at getting these radios in tip top shape, he has even done them for two brand Xs for me in the past.  However, I am not sure I want to dump this type of money in an AM tube radio, so has anyone done the conversion deal gutting and changing over to AM/FM stereo solid state?


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    I seem to recall that one could have one's tube-type radio converted to become AM-FM, starting maybe 30 years ago, for something like $400 (back then!).  So it has never been an inexpensive proposition. 

    Redi-Rad is one solution (at $100), and they make them for both 6 and 12 volt.  However, you would need to have a separate modern radio-like device sitting on the seat next to you (or bolted to the dash) that plugs into your radio.

    Then too, you could obtain one of those old FM converters that we cheapskates used in the 70's to turn our AM Honda radios into AM-FM.  They screwed under the dash and you fed your radio antenna wire through them.  Only problem was that they were 12 volt, but no doubt you can find some sort of voltage converter (assuming your car hasn't been changed to 12 volt).

    Lastly, one might take the "guts" from a modern radio and stuff them into a Hudson radio box in such a way that the Hudson knobs worked the radio.  Again, a 6 to 12 volt converter would be needed.  And of course the Hudson radio dial would still be in "AM".  But at least the whole thing would be self contained and operated via the regular Hudson knobs.
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    Jon I have considered all of these options and unfortunately non come cheap!  My '54 is 12V so that will cost me $150 just to switch over.  Then getting the radio working in OK condition will drive the total (with the 12V conversion) up near $400.   Redirad is another $100.  Putting in modern guts will run also about $400.  Going with modern internals is looking better all the time.  I love the radio work Steve did on my '50 and it sounds great, but AM has its limitations these days.
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