1951 "DOC" Hudson Brougham 2 door

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This Beautiful Pacemaker has a new home now and I am so grateful to all who inquired and passed along the information. I wish I had 10 more like it, as I could have sold them all. Thanks guys for the great web site and all your help over the years. I am not gone from the club yet, but down sized to a 1953 Hollywood, as it is an automatic and I cannot handle the clutch anymore in traffic. Hope to see you all at a few more meets, but sadly not with "DOC", Maybe the best looking cartoon copy in the club, even before the cartoon ever came out. It has looked this way since 1965. 

Paul Newman agreed in an "E" mail to let me paint "DOC" on the trunk, before he died. Said it looked better than the original model used for the cartoon character. Nice Guy 
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Laurie and Bob at the drive Inn, with the Hudson.jpg
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